China, Chloroquine, and COVID-19

Published December 19, 2020 287 Views

Rumble China has been using chloroquine clinically since at least 2/15/2020, following clinical studies in ten Chinese hospitals, to spectacular success against COVID-19.
This directly correlates with their "miraculous and baffling" success in slowing down the spread and lethality of the disease.
Of course, they have not informed the world about this and have cynically let the pandemic spread with resulting untold death and misery around the world.93% of the western media which show demonstrable bias against Donald Trump have reacted to his announcement of "new promising drugs which give hope" with derision and such manipulative titles suggesting that Donald Trump advises people to self-medicate with dangerous drugs.
It was only very recently that large-scale testing in the west has been slowly rolled out, in New York in particular as of 3/24 . As of 3/30 FDA has finally approved this drug for clinical use, a full month and a half after China. This delay is mainly due to interference from the biased media and their unrelenting propaganda. This propaganda is such that the democratic governer of Nevada has banned the use of chloroquine in experimental treatments, in direct opposition to FDA's recommendations. Federal response is now being considered.

The sloppy chinese study belatedy conducted in the second half of march in Zheyiang in order to disprove the efficacy of chloroquine and hydroxicloroquine is clearly fraudulent. They have obviously lied and faked the results because it contradicts all other independent findings around the world and they've continued using these drugs clandestinely while telling everyone else that they do not work.

One of the numerous sources on Chinese use of chloroquine that are now surfacing:
Also, an American study performed in 2005 (!) which clearly proves the efficacy of chloroquine in treatment of SARS-CoV-1, a coronavirus very similar to SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19.

At the moment China is being praised by the media for sending "emergency help" to western countries in the form of disposable gloves, protective masks and highly unreliable testing kits for which they charge exorbitant prices. No emergency shipments of chloroquine-based treatment for COVID-19 from China...

originally published on youtube on april 4, 2020