New & Improved Soap Melting Tanks

Published December 18, 2020 81 Views

Rumble Are you ready to take your soap making business to the next level? Build efficiency into your soapmaking processes with the right equipment. Imagine this: Your oils are melted and at the temperature you selected. Your Lye Solution is ready to go and at the right temperature. Your Pot Tipper is positioned between your Oil Heater Tank and your Lye Tank. Open up the ball valves on your Melting Tank and then on your Lye Tank to allow flow into your Pot Tipper (Mixing Pot). Within 5-15 minutes, most soap makers come to trace and are ready to pour 40 to 100+ pounds of soap into their Soap Molds. For most bars, this is easily 300+ for the double celled Manual Cutter Mold and 650 bars for the single celled Air Cutter Mold.

Need help deciding which size you need to achieve certain production volumes? Whether you wish to make 100 bars per week or several hundred thousand bars per week, we can help. We have been helping Soap Makers for the past 20 years. Contact us here

Analog Thermostats. Temperature regulation for evenly controlled heat
No Hot Spots to burn your ingredients
Increase your Profit with Greater Production Efficiency
Have entire day’s Base Oils melted and ready to go
Pour many more molds in same 8 hours vs melting one batch oils at a time
Depending upon the size of tank and the equipment you have, you can produce anywhere from a few hundred bars to 250,000 bars a week (1,000,000 bars a month)
Easy to setup, clean, use, and maintain
Water Inlet and Outlets make it easy to flush heated water
Quickly cool your balms, lotion, creams, butters, etc for dispensing
Know the Temperature of Your Product in the Inner Tank

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