Never Submit to Tyranny! | Free-For-All Friday

Published December 18, 2020 460 Views

Rumble Free-For-All Fridays always turn out to be a fun show, as the audience completely controls the conversation and topics of discussion. This episode of Let's Talk Right Now takes a deep dive into the tyranny coming from many of the governors leading some of the Democrat states, including California, Washington, New York and Michigan. One of the other main topics was the role of government when it comes to issues like abortion, gay marriage and marijuana. As always, this is a super fun free-for-all show!

California Governor Gavin Newsom is facing a recall effort, which is about 75% of the way there with how many signatures have been collected. The primary reason for so many people supporting this recall effort is because of how extremely authoritarian Newsom has been during the COVID-19 panic. He's implemented laws as a king, not as the executive branch. Remember, the executive branch does not have the authority to create law, only execute law that is created and passed by the legislative branch. Through these executive orders, he's stripped Californians of their constitutional rights and freedoms, including the right to worship God without restriction, peaceably assemble and conduct business freely. Other governors have been going down this same path, so we must make sure that we hold their feet to the fire and not tolerate illegal behavior from our elected officials.

When it comes to the role of government, host Jeff Dornik makes the case that we should be uniting where we can as Americans to limit government. Let's get the government out of our lives as much as possible. In addition, when it comes to passing common sense conservative and Constitutional laws, we should be able to find consensus with a majority of Americans on issues like third trimester abortions, getting government out of marriage altogether, deporting criminal illegal immigrants, protecting our Constitutional Rights and so much more. If we can unify where we have consensus, passing those laws ASAP, and then spend quality time debating the issues that don't have consensus, we might be able to make some progress in saving America. However, as long as we continue to skip ahead straight to the issues of disagreements, we'll make no headway whatsoever.

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