Outrageous Premeditated Attack on 1st Amendment Rights

Published December 18, 2020 1,611 Views

Rumble Three years ago, the ACLJ filed a formal complaint to start the legal process to defend a nurse forced to participate in an elective, late-term abortion, something her employers at the University of Vermont Medical Center knew was strongly against her religious beliefs. The nurse was not allowed her right to object to her role in this procedure.
Two days ago, the U.S. Justice Department filed a lawsuit against the University of Vermont Medical Center to on behalf of our client. This is a monumental decision by the DOJ and a victory in the fight to preserve religious freedom.
The ACLJ believes that life is sacred. We are prepared to continue fighting to protect the first amendment rights of this nurse and several other nurses who were forced to partake in these same cruel acts. Donate now to help us in our mission to protect life. ACLJ.us/GiveLife