The CIA likely used the Fraudulent Dominion System: Sidney Powell

2 years ago

Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona were fatally flawed with massive fraud by every manner and means you can think of but especially insidious and troubling is the machine fraud done through the Dominion voting systems. In fact our specialist says Dominion fraud was 5% for Biden (taken from Trump) across the board everywhere there was Dominion machine running. And the same was true for other democrats that were running on the ticket. It makes me wonder where in the world is our FBI and department of justice. And I am frankly very concerned that the entire system was originated likely by the CIA and maybe given to Venezuela years ago or seeded in different places that wound up in Venezuela which started the Smartmatic and Dominion companies. And the only reason that have an address in the United States is to make it seem they are a United States company and nothing could bee further from the truth. They were owned, run, organised and created but the dictator Hugo Chavez and by his dirty money and the dirty money of the Cuban communist to ensure they won every election after it was used.
One of our witnesses is a direct first hand observer of all of that and received briefings on how it all worked. Saw how it worked in the control roo, election after election and has given affidavit to explain it all. People who say there is no evidence are just lying through their teeth, or are deliberately ignorant, or wilfully blind to the truth. And frankly they are part of the problem. A lot of people that are saying there is no problem are part of the problem and no dan well what happened and ay have instigated it, benefitted from it, paid for it or encouraged it. Some of the counties didn’t actually do a recount. Yes, they often ran the ballots through the same fraudulent creating machine which did absolutely no good whatsoever. They didn’t even compare signatures. If we could just get 100,000 ballots in Georgia checked you would see the massive fraud. We know that there hundreds of thousands of ballots imported into the country, likely from China, we have video of some coming across the border from Mexico. There was other information that ballots were being shipped from one state to another. In fact there was a postal service driver who was sent from New York to Pennsylvania in the middle of the night with a truck load of ballots that were used to back fill the vote count. It is absolutely absurd. We have more evidence coming in today of a massive load of ballots from Arizona to Georgia. So they have these warehouses full of counterfeit ballots in different parts of the country, apparently, and then ship them in the middle of the night apparently. Trump supporters came out in such great numbers that they broke the algorithm programmed into the computers.

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