To Do or Not to Do - Victor Hafichuk at Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar Highlights

Published December 17, 2020 15 Views

Rumble To Do or Not to Do available to stream here:

Upward and Joyous Gravity, It Was!

It was a privilege for me to sing at Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar in Calgary at owner Andy Fennell’s gracious invitation. I enjoyed appearing with Bob Chartier and Mike Crampton, singer/songwriters who were cordial and understanding with me, someone green on the scene. It was great! Thank you, men!

Thank you, to my friends for attending, to Jonathan of Symbol Syndication for your filming. Thank you to all your business associates and friends for making it an exciting experience for me.

Finally, I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for His precious gift of singing, a huge and awesome surprise for me to begin a new life I never dreamed of.