Things don't make sense anymore.

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Rumble Things don't make sense anymore.

In your attempt to consider these words your thoughts are distracted and fragmented. In every sentence we must lower these intentions and speak of your more personal world, acknowledge your dramas, listen to your wounds, address your pain and seek entrainment with your suffering. Your disease is mental and emotional and your addictions are physically manifesting just as the world is infected and spurious. Every entertainment drives you towards more decadence, towards usage of resources and infringement and the complete degradation of life.

The poisons are in everything, they crawl from cell to cell and inhabit your most precious body. The obscuration keeps you from realizing this is not your life anymore but you are lost in a sea of entanglements, drowning in it and are asleep to the truth. You may listen but still your mind is preoccupied and only a few words resonate. Still, those words may touch you and may open you to understand this dilemma. To be free from the control, the oppression and the fear and the vicarious willingness to witness violence is to be near to the release. Open your eyes and begin to see that you are a lie. Your life is a lie and that what you have been hearing and every word from others is a lie. What you have been hearing, every word from the media is a lie. Open your stomach and feel the pain that needs to be let go of. That inside your very center there is a hunger for truth that cannot be satisfied by listening to lies.

Everything you see and hear is a lie developed and marketed to your world to keep you from having power, from becoming strong, from finding peace and from seeking love. In our unity we have the answers and these answers are also within you, in fact this is where they are. We only show you the way and you must look within and remember. You must begin to see that the necessity to walk in the night air and see past the illusions that have hidden your inner treasures must be your most important activity. You must become a warrior who fights off the lies and cuts away the shackles of ignorance and do so with impunity and aggressive willingness to know the Truth. The Truth is what calls you it is what will balance you and is what will free you from the obscuration which clouds your thinking. Love life more, and live with love more, and you will begin to be who you are.

The crisis you endure was created to keep you from becoming powerful, peaceful and truthful. The crisis creates fear upon which the unseen feed and the black alliance supports to keep the slaves changed.

Your refuge is within and within you can find the knowledge and be in compliance with the Central Sun and the plan for growth throughout the galaxy. Before you can move you must be safe, before you can use your power you must have balance, and before you can act you must have a plan. The plan is created and we are willing spiritual participants in the plan. All are willing to continue and grow and become part of the completion of the community. We are one and we find each other along the path. We go now, out of the fog and into the Light.