56 THE TRUTH: How Do You Feel About Sharing Lies?

Published December 17, 2020 23 Views

Rumble • Do you just share stuff that is fed to you on social networks without checking to see if this is true or not?
• How do you feel when you share something that you found out later was a spreader of a blatant lie?
• We are all responsible for the sharing of blatant lies on social media
• Instead of gut sharing anything which comes across your feed, take a second to research and see if it's true or not
• Why not spend a second or two questionings anything that sounds like it's designed to outrage you?
• We all have so much access to so much information, it doesn't take long to check a fact - but we don't do it
• You are a mouthpiece for sharing information - if you share "fake news", then you are a purveyor of fake news