Money and Freedom with Lori Stai on OffBeat Business TV

Published December 17, 2020

Rumble In this episode of OffBeat Business TV, host Susan Hamilton talks with Lori Stai, host of Life with Lori podcast about creating strategic wealth and helping entrepreneurs succeed. 
People are living longer, not able to save as much as they used to, social security is likely going away, and we are in a debt epidemic. What is going on with our money situation and what can we do about it?  If paying compound interest is a regular activity that you want to avoid, consider strategic wealth planning.  

Strategic wealth planning includes putting all of your debt in the zero column, saving interest, reducing taxes, and creating strategic wealth, all for the same dollar you spend now. The more debt you have, the faster Lori can grow your wealth. The amount of money one has doesn’t matter, Lori can make it work for her customers to be debt free in 9 years or less including mortgage without spending anything additional! This is called infinite banking, which is run through a whole life policy. It allows you to grow your money while also paying off debts. We are in a market right now where your money is at risk but strategic wealth planning guarantees to protect you from downturns.

Lori believes that she is responsible to use her experiences to help others and strategic wealth planning is only one way she leads others to success. Lori has a special place in her heart for veterans and entrepreneurs. She is hosting a conference April 10 - 11, 2021 in Dallas. It is a first time conference, a veteran’s summit, targeting veteran owned business and entrepreneurs, to develop strategic partnerships and provide personal development. Some of those speaking at the conference include Sharon Lechter, co-author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Tim Storey, the coach to the stars, and many other inspiring leaders who will lift up entrepreneurs with encouragement and provide ideas, concepts, and development. Forbes magazine and Fox News will be covering the event. 

Lori can be reached via email at, by phone at 425-577-3050, and she is on Facebook at Stai Life and Wealth Planning. 

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