12 Historical Facts About Jesus and Christianity

Published December 17, 2020 22 Views

Rumble 30X2 VIDEO: Christianity is based on truth, facts and real history. It is not a blind faith, but an informed faith. Gary Habermas did the research and found 12 historical facts about Jesus and Christianity that most critical scholars agree on. They are:

1. Jesus died by crucifixion.
2. Jesus was buried.
3. Jesus' death caused the disciples to despair and lose hope.
4. The tomb was empty
5. The disciples had experiences which they believed were literal appearances of the risen Jesus
6. The disciples were transformed from doubters to bold proclaimers.
7. The resurrection was their central message.
8. They preached the resurrection in Jerusalem.
9. The Church was born and grew.
10. Orthodox Jews who believed in Christ, made Sunday their primary day of worship.
11. James, the brother of Jesus was a major skeptic, but was converted to the faith when he saw the resurrected Jesus
12. Paul, also a strong skeptic, was converted to the faith

Christianity is not a blind faith, it is a faith grounded in facts... grounded in truth... and you can trust your creator God, Jesus Christ.

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