Special Urgent Message to the Rest of the World December 16, 2020 By Anna Von Reitz

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Special Urgent Message to the Rest of the World December 16, 2020 By Anna Von Reitz

In responding to the flood of "concerns" being voiced by Americans, and especially by Americans who have taken our advice and left Babylon months if not years ago, I forgot momentarily about everyone else. Please forgive me.
Here is the rest of the story concerning the Brits and Aussies, Indians and Africans and everyone else.
You are probably not fully aware yet, but "the US" -- a foreign Municipal corporation ultimately operated by the Roman Pontiff, used our country as a pirate base. The form of piracy they were engaged in is commercial piracy. It all took place on paper and was processed through the courts, using "legalities" instead of Public Law.
They used our delegated powers and usurped upon them and abused our United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to this end.
Just as they "converted" our Given Names first into Territorial (Commonwealth) trust property, and then converted those trusts into Municipal corporations, they did the same thing with whole countries.
That is, Australia -- for example, was converted into Australia, Inc., and Australia, Inc., was then converted into AUSTRALIA--- a Municipal corporation operated by the Roman Pontiff and Company, purportedly while acting "for" us, so that we, the Americans, would be blamed for what both "the US" and the Brits (SERCO) actually did while operating in Breach of Trust "in our names".
While this plot is so wide-reaching and diabolical as to stagger one's imagination, there is one silver lining. It was all based on fraud and piracy and all exists only on paper ---paper that was being employed by criminals to bring false claims in commerce and to enforce unconscionable contracts.
Another silver lining is this: we -- the actual Americans -- took action as described in our previous post to protect our country and our countrymen and to rear-end this whole plot. And we similarly protected all of you as we were passing through.
You see, because the Plotters used our country and our USPTO as their pirate base, all these "legal actions" were undertaken here and placed "in our names" so that these brigands could safely operate and then blame us if something went wrong. That means that all this "stuff" they created was in their control, but created "in our names" via our misdirected and purloined international service offices.
So we did the same thing for you all that we did for ourselves.

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