Special Urgent Message December 16, 2020 By Anna Von Reitz

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Special Urgent Message December 16, 2020 By Anna Von Reitz

My friend, Kurt Kallenbach, a researcher and man I much respect, for both his intellect and his razor-sharp observations, has issued a special warning for Americans who think that they can sit on their couches and do nothing.
The gist of the message is simple. If you "claim" and use the Strawman, the PERSON that the Municipal United States conferred upon you, you are, technically, taking control of assets created by a foreign power, and that in turn, could be interpreted as accepting a bribe and "emolument" from that foreign power. That, in turn, could be considered an act of treason and allow the U.S. to interpret you as an Enemy Combatant.
And it could, except for a few things we have placed in their way.
The first thing is a legal objection and Due Process action completed years ago, which lawfully converted all the STATE OF STATE organizations into property belonging to the State of State organizations, and then transferring the property back to the safe-keeping of the original American State of State Trusts, and then, further removing those assets to The United States (our Union of States).
We assigned all the soil assets permanently to The United States proper, and then assigned all the land assets back to The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States.
We did unto them what they did unto us, and reversed the process.
They unlawfully converted our assets into their assets via entrusting them, so we returned the favor and lawfully converted all those assets back into American assets and properly redistributed them over the course of the past five years.
So all the STATE OF STATE property including all the named derivatives and franchises like JOHN ALLEN DOE, are already lawfully converted back to the ownership of the American people the assets belong to.
All this stands on the International Public Record and we have multiple certified copies well-stashed.
On top of that, people who have recorded their birthright political status are doubly preserved, because in the course of doing that, they have "accepted all gifts and waived all benefits" and so, having "accepted" the "gift" of all the Municipal PERSONS specifically associated with them, they have recorded Acts of State expatriating these "foreign PERSONS" and lawfully converting them to American PERSONS.
Thus, we've secured all our assets both those Public Assets belonging to the States and the private assets belonging to individual Americans.

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