37 THE TRUTH: Tech Companies, the Public Square and Free Speech

Published December 17, 2020 22 Views

Rumble • Tech companies have become the public square
• We used to have the ability to speak freely on our soapboxes
• Radio, TV, and Newspapers are run by corporates and governments
• They are the ones who amplified free speech - your voice was stifled
• You couldn't get the broad reach
• When the internet was first launched millions of people could go to anyone website
• Free speech came back to the masses
• Since then, the search engines and tech companies, either run by corporates or governments are the ones who allow/disallow the free speech
• These 5-6 players make the decision if your message is going to get out
• They have become the public square, and if they can silence us, then they are suppressing free speech
• They are the arbiters of the public square now
• If they decide that you shouldn't be heard - then they are eliminating your right to free speech
• They are the public square, so they should start acting like it
• They need to stop suppressing the voices that they don't like
• They need to take responsibility for that and allow all voices to be heard