35 THE TRUTH: Speech is Not Violence

Published December 17, 2020 19 Views

Rumble • The proper response to a viewpoint is not violence, but a verbal response
• Speech cannot be violent unless the recipient deems it to be
• Therefore, any "pain" caused by speech is SELF-INFLICTED
• Why do people feel hurt when they hear something they don't like to hear
• Sticks and stones. Namecalling is not violence unless you interpret it as violence
• Only the Narcissist says "You made me do this" as a response to speech
• Only the Recipient of speech can decide if speech is violence
• It all in the reception - am I being hurt or will I ignore it
• YOU are in charge of how you react to the speech
• If you respond to speech with physical violence, YOU are the one in the wrong.
• YOU are doing it to YOURSELF