Andy Cuomo Says NO to Free Speech -- 1st Amendment Rights are "Hateful"

Published December 17, 2020 13 Views

Rumble Governor Andrew Cuomo banned Confederate Flag sales in the state of New York, calling it a symbol of hate and deeply divisive. Of course, it runs directly afoul the constitution of the United States and the whole reason for free-speech. We have the first amendment, we have free speech so that we can not only state what we believe, but that we can expose ourselves for who we truly are. This erosion of our civil liberties and civil rights, Is leftist authoritarian at its finest, and will continue unless we stand up strongly against it and condemn Cuomo and anyone else who tries to chip away at our First Amendment freedoms.
Freedoms are earned and to be protected.

#Confederateflag #AndrewCuomo #firstamendment

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