War With Woes Wins Wonders

Published December 16, 2020 105 Views

Rumble War With Woes Wins Wonders

Woe! Woe! Woe! We wordless wimps wailed while waiting, worrying, writhing within, wriggling.
Wearily working wretched wrinkles, wringing welted wrists- wheelwrights without wheels.

Why, who would wonder, with wild whistling winds with waters whirling, wholly whomping without warning, whoever, wherever, whenever, whatever, whichever? “Why? When will wild waters wane?” Wan, we wondered with worn wills, words wanting. Weepers, with wings wanting, will whining win?

Well, wait! What wonderful, warm, windy weather we were wistfully wanting, wishing wind would winnow wetlands where we wobbly waded with water waves, wet-waisted while wallowing, woefully waterlogged, whispering wailfully, waxing weak, weighted where wetted, wincing, weeping, with wits withering, well-nigh wasted, weathering what? With westerly winds, we warriors without weapons win! War with woes wins wonders… Wow