BETRAYAL: McConnell & Graham TRAITORS & Cuomo BANS Rebel Flag | SS 50

Published December 16, 2020 132 Views

Rumble The ultimate betrayal is among us as Mitch McConnell & Lindsey Graham stabs the knife into the backs of every Trump supporting patriot. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo drops the hammer by banning the sale of confederate (rebel) flags in an all out attack on free speech. The great republic of the United States is being torched.

Andrew Cuomo bans the sale of southern pride; Texas to draft legislation to succeed from USA; Julian Assange leak clears him of all wrong doing for the nefarious crime of journalism; Mitch McConnell backstabs his own constituents; Lindsey Graham goes full RINO on Edward Snowden; and Georgia Election sees NO CHANGE from 2020.

The republic is on the brink of extinction. Succession may be the only answer. LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, & COMMENT. Stop this madness! Coal Train CHOO CHOO!

#ConfederateFlag #Wikileaks #GOP


Lucius Coal is a political patriot and social alchemist of the Coal Factory, a modern day political revolution centered around freedom, as well as a former Navy veteran. Lucius is a project patriot winner, podcast host of the Sanity Stream, and an early supporter of the populist movement. He is currently the subject of a handful of fellow liberty minded individuals, an aims to grow the movement through seperating truth from fiction.

Disclaimer: These rants are for entertainment purposes only. This may just be the ravings of a schizoid take everything said with a grain of salt.