EXT Electric Tarp Conversion and Dura-Trap Electric Trap Opener

Published December 16, 2020 28 Views

Rumble EXT Electric Tarp Conversion
-The EXT has stable bi-hollow aluminum arms that provide a reliable consistent roll even in the harshest conditions.
-The patented "Force Transfer Linkage" allows the arms to climb heaped loads. The best part about the linkage is it provides a constrained range of motion significantly preventing your tarp from lifting and blowing off. No other electric conversion on the market has these capabilities.

Dura-Trap Electric Trap Opener
What makes Dura-Trap different?
Dura-Trap is the only hopper opener with a fully enclosed design to protect wiring connections, motor, & RF controller against corrosive elements.
Comes preassembled for fast & easy installation.
Stainless steel through shaft can be disengaged with one bolt for a manual operation.
Wires for rear trap have their own independent wires running to the front trailer plug. This eliminates splices & unnecessary connections making the Dura-trap even more reliable.
Compact design will raise brackets & shaft for more clearance required by augers.
The motor is inverted to allow the brushes to stay free of dust and grease significantly increasing performance & longevity of the motor.
The body of the Dura-Trap is built from a heavy 3/16'' aluminum thickness.
6 Gauge power cable for plenty amp capacity.
Have a safe one man operation.
Stay out of the dust when unloading your trailer.
Faster than manually cranking the hopper door.
The Dura-Trap replaces your manual opener by attaching to the existing shaft.
Easily cranks stubborn hopper doors without straining your back.
Has shield plates for extra protection against tire debris.
All metal gear motor
Universal mounting bracket made of powder coated 1/4'' steal.
Prewired Motor
Prewired Remote/Switch Box Assembly
Each trap has its own continuous wire going direct to power plug.
Gear Reduction Box
RF Function Remote