2 years ago

Episode #87 - The Truth About Secession - Part I

The “S” word - secession - seems to be brought up with more and more frequency lately. Most recently we have seen counties in rural Virginia exploring the possibility of seceding from the state and joining West Virginia. We are seeing similar movements in Northern California and rural counties in Oregon. While those are wonderful developments, the larger question regarding secession is the idea of entire states seceding from the United States and essentially establish their own nation.

The idea of state secession picks up steam with every passing year as the federal government - the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches AND the federal bureaucracy - continues to enlarge its power base well beyond its enumerated powers in the Constitution.

In this episode, I will introduce you to the concept of secession, discuss some of the current and past secession movements and walk you through three reasons why secession is not only desirable but necessary. In Episode #88 we will discuss how secession is justified and rebut most of the arguments against it.

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