Curious Network Outages and Bill Barr is Resigning

Published December 15, 2020 1,016 Views


Pentagon imposed emergency shutdown of computer network handling classified information

Second Google Outage

Code Monkey asks if the solarwinds vulnerability is how the Treasury got hacked

Solarwinds CCP infiltration?

Dominion CEO SolarWinds

Dominion CEO testified that D's adjudicated 100% of the ballots in secret

Big moves pointing to Christmas Eve?

Barr Resigns effective 10/23/2020

Jeffrey Rosen (DAG) takes over as acting AG. Richard Donoghue takes over as acting DAG

Background on Richard Donoghue

Twitter disables liking and commenting on POTUS tweets

Biden's inauguration team urging the public not to show up to Biden's Inauguration

Subpoenas for ALL Dominion voting machines in Maricopa County

Georgia Secretary of State switching to Democrat party

Possible Gang of 8 declassification comms

Canadian Fashion Mogul arrested and charged with sex trafficking

San Francisco renaming Abraham Lincoln high school because Lincoln didn't demonstrate that black lives mattered to him

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