Commie Santa Told This Kid He Couldn't Have A NERF Gun, REAL Santa Saved The Day - Kid Reacts LIVE!

Published December 15, 2020 525 Views $0.32 earned

Rumble Little Michael went to the mall to meet Santa but a fake impostor Santa was there instead and unfortunately he was a communist. When Michael asked for a NERF Gun, Commie Santa said no. We found out about it, called Santa, got his Mom's contact info, talked to her and then put out a call to all of our followers on social media to FLOOD Michael with deliveries of NERF Guns. The result has been INCREDIBLE. Hundreds of kids are having their Christmas brightened by your acts of kindness and Michael's Christmas was saved. His family reacts to the incredible support they've received!

Fake Santa Told This Kid He Couldn't Have A NERF Gun - REAL Santa Worked With Us To Flood Him With NERF Guns. Him & His Family React!