1940sf 2bed 2 bath Resort House - Covid Free custom home design in Los Angeles, California

Published December 15, 2020 8 Views

Rumble This is the design of 'Resort House' and the total area is 1940sf in California. (custom home design after Covid 19)

Covid 19 is totally horrible for all of us. It is beyond stressful. Business is dying day by day. Even further, we can’t even travel to other countries as we used to do. Among all these happenings every day, the news report about the vaccine to be available was a great relief to have a hope to think that we can travel again in the near future. Thus, business might be come back to normal.

While we are under this experience, it is quite basic thought that what if we don’t want to travel as much as we used to do and rather we prefer staying home. This doubt triggered to think what about we change the basis of house design into something else.

Hence, we began to question if there is another way to fulfill our need in regard of house design. And what if we design a house like a resort hotel, and what if it is like camping tent? Based on these questions, we designed a house that we call ‘Resort House’.

Total area of 1937sf (180sm)
904sf (84sm) at Level 1
527sf (49sm) at Level 2
505sf (47sm) at Level 3
2 bedrooms & 2 full bathrooms
Living room, Dining room and Kitchen
And Swimming pool and barbeque deck.

For more detail, please watch the virtual tour of the house through the video.