Delicious | Pastry Cream With Chocolate Tart-മലയാളം.

Published December 14, 2020 46 Views

Rumble Ingredients Cup Gram

Milk 6 1500
Cream 2 500
Vanilla Bean 1 each
Sugar 2 500
(cornstarch) 1 180

Egg yolks 15 each
Butter 2 500


1.) Stir egg yolks with half the amount of sugar.

2.) To the above mix, add in your corn flour (corn starch) and mix well until a creamy consistency with no lumps and set aside.

3.) Add milk, cream, vanilla bean, and the remaining sugar to a pot abs bring it to heat (DO NOT BOIL).

4.) To the egg yolk mixture set aside earlier, add in half the amount of the heated milk mixture and mix well (This process is called tempering).

5.) Bring the remaining milk mixture to a boil.

6.) Once it starts to boil, add in the tempered egg mixture and start to whisk.

7.) Bring it to a low flame, and keep whisking until it reaches to a creamy texture.

8.) Remove from heat, and add the cold butter into the mixture.

9.) Mix continuously until the butter is melted (This procedure will help the egg from overcooking).

10.) Transfer your mixture to a glass bowl and cover with cling/plastic wrap (This will help the cream to keep its texture).

11.) Refrigerate for at least 2 hours and it’s ready to serve!

For Chocolate Balloon Tart

1.) Melt the chocolate as seen in the following video, _________________ and set aside to cool.

2.) Blow up the balloons in the desired size and tie it.

3.) Dip the balloon into the melted chocolate and place into a plate.

4.) Place the chocolate balloons into the fridge to harden (at least 30 minutes).

5.) Take the chocolate when ready, pop the balloon on top.

6.) Fill chocolate balloons with the pastry cream recipe above, add in desired fruits and ready to serve!