Back To Church After COVID | Christian Video | Importance of Local Church ⛪️

Published December 14, 2020 19 Views

Rumble Back To Church After COVID | It's Good To Be Back at Church | Importance of Local Church ⛪

I have been looking forward to returning to church after COVID.
Today was the first week back at church: the first day back of face to face church following the coronavirus. It has been a long wait.
Back to church after quarantine.

Today was a great time of worship, preaching and fellowship, as well as reflecting on the importance of the local church.
It was great to finally be able to worship together at church.

The Bible tells us in Hebrews 10:25 - do not forsake the gathering together.
Acts 2:42 tells us that the early believers devoted themselves to the apostles teachings and to fellowship and to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

Hopefully we are now living in the post covid church era.

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