Nanobubble Water from Japan

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Rumble Fantastic Properties of Nanobubbles

Marc LeClair, of Nanospire Inc, built a cavitation device in his garage for $250 that generated nuclear radiation and formed diamonds (using only water). He and his partner were severely radiation poisoned for more than a year, lost their hair and almost died.

Cavitation Experiment/ Results/ Theory of RNA & DNA Synthesis and LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions):

WebArchive discussion of LeClair's claims and experiments:

3rd Party Replication?

Credible Challenges to General and Special Relativity, Doppler Shift Theory and more from Dr. Edward Dowdye. Retired NASA Engineer, University Professor of Mathematics and Internationally recognized expert in Atomic physics, Optics, LASERs and Satellites.

Compilation/ Brief Summary of a few Challenges
(With LOTS of Math, Peer Reviews and everything a skeptic could ask for!)

Regarding GPS Claims and Atomic Clocks
Mass to Energy Interchange Misconception
Misinterpretation/ Refining E=mc²
Illusion of Mass Increasing with Velocity
Sagnac Effect, Optical Gyroscopes and Shapiro Delay
Perihelion of Mercury Alternative
Deflection of Light in a Gravitational Field Alternative
Gravitational Redshift Alternative
Perihelion of Binary Pulsar PSR1913+16 Alternative
Re-interpreting Michaelson-Morlay Fringes
Time-Dilation Misinterpretation/ Frames of Reference
Re-Emission of Light vs. Distortion of Light
Fallacy of Gravitational Lensing
History and Misconception of Aether
Invariance of the Wave Alternative

PDF Version to Download:

Plasma Physics - Flaws & Corrections:

Twin Paradox Fallacy- Time Misconceptions and Faster Than Light Communication:

Models of Gravity and Misconception of "Aether":

Relativity - The Fools Gold of Physics:

Mathematical Consequences of Galilean Transformations vs Relativity & Lorentz
Hypothesis vs Theory
Evidence vs Proof
Knowledge vs Wisdom vs Intelligence vs Smart
Education vs Propaganda
Truth vs Facts
Belief vs Knowledge
Credibility vs Trustworthiness
Telepathy vs Audible Language
(The Atrophy of Communication)
Universal Communication and Bypassing Deafness
Ultrasonic Dolphin Speak
The Language of Math and Observation

Wanna Get Smarter? ... For Free? - REAL Science

About 120 Free Downloads:

List of Credible Challenges to Dark Matter, Big Bang, Relativity & More:

Challenges to Gravitational Lensing & More:

Propagation and Re-Emission of Light:

Optics, Electrodynamics & Gravitation based from Re-Worked classic physics/ Galilean Transformations under Euclidean Space:

Professor John Searl Google Album:

What is the SEG Mockup? - (Steemit Article)

16 Peer Reviewed Papers from Dr. Edward Dowdye.
Hosted by NASA and Harvard:

Another 40 Peer-Reviewed Papers Regarding Electricity in Space:

Over 60 Papers by Dr. Pierre Robitaille:

Over 100 Papers by Stephen Crothers:

About 120 Free Downloads:

Everything wrong with the Standard Model of the Sun
SkyScholar on YouTube - Dr. Pierre Robitaille

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