How did Switzerland become a country?

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Rumble ā€” America has the 4th of July France has the 14th of July. But Switzerland's national holiday is on the 1st of August. So to celebrate the birth of Switzerland we decided to go back to the place it started 729 years ago. 729 years ago the Mongols were knocking on the door of the Holy Roman Empire. Scotland was fighting for its freedom. And the last to the crusaders were losing their footing in the holy land. But as these major world events were taking place in the Alps there was a smaller lesser-known group of people. These people were divided into 3 tribes all living along the edges of this Lake The tribes were Uri to the south Underwalden to the East and Schwyz to the West. In Switzerland of these tribes are referred to as the 3 forest cantons. Each of these 3 forest cantons was loosely connected to the Holy Roman Empire but They ruled for themselves made their own laws had their own judges and did as they please. But then along came the bag guys. The bag guys were the Habsburgs. And they came out of what is now Western Switzerland But at that time it was just called bag guy land. These bad guys had a well-organized military with nights and armor and other weaponry. Each of the 3 forest cantons couldn't resist the Habsburgs alone so they gave in to the Habsburg rule. According to legend, each Canton sent a representative this Meadow at the dead of night. They conspired against the Hapsburgs all swearing an oath that together They would fight so they could once again be free. And so Switzerland was born with 3 cantons coming together to fight off a common enemy. Now, this is all legend but there are some early writings and a historian called globi that say this not only happened but that William tell was one of the original oath takers. And if you don't know who William tell is William Tell is the crossbow wielding hero of Switzerland. Unfortunately, there's very little evidence that this oath called the rutli oath Ever even took place. The rutli oath wasn't written about tell over 200 years after it supposedly happened And the Swiss historian globe I hardly seem like a credible source. However, my wife insists that she learned all of her history from globi and that he is the real deal. OK so here is what we actually know about the history of Switzerland. The 3 cantons were overrun by the Habsburgs and they did come together Signing several contracts to fight together And agreeing on some other laws and things like that. The earliest of these contracts are considered to have been written in early August 1291. After uniting under these contracts the early Swiss drove out the Habsburg and along the way Became quite well known for their ferocity at war. Over the years more and more cantons Join the Original 3 and tell we have what is now modern Switzerland. Although there is no proof it is possible that the 1291 contract was made in the rutli Meadow. However, it is far more likely that there were other unwritten contracts that predates the 1291 contract. And it is quite possible that that contract was made in the rulli Meadow. Fortunately will probably never know what happened here. But as far as this which are concerned this is where Switzerland started 729. Everybody thank you for watching and a huge shout out to Laura. She broke her foot about a year ago And they put some screws in it when they fixed it. And now they just remove them 2 days ago and she still agreed To come up here with me and walk around. She's got a little bit of a limp here but she's doing great. If you wanna see more of our videos hit that subscribe button hit that like button we appreciate it.

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