The 12 Best Podcasting Practices of Christmas

Published December 12, 2020 2 Views

Rumble Dave and Jim have caught their Christmas Spirit and have brought some sleigh bells to spruce up the intro (kind of...) today we talk about

01:24 Sponsor:

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02:55 Jim's New Mug
04:57 Holidays Can Be Hard - 800-273-8255 (Suicide Hotline)
06:26 Have a Sponsor You Believe In
09:31 12 Podcasting Practices For Christmas
12:17 Thinking Outside the Box - Listen with Curtis Elton
21:32 Revisit Your Intro
24:07 Awesome Supporters
26:39 Testing Your Content on Friends
28:58 My Favorite Podcast Is...
31:55 Podpage Adds Voicemail

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33:22 Jim Reflects on 10 Years of His Show
38:23 Stereo and Clubhouse Apps
39:43 Power Rant: Demo Videos?
41:04 Year-End Predictions?
43:48 Your Show on Gaana

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49:01 Pricing For Editors
53:08 Descript and Otter
54:20 What is Coming Up?

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