How my plans have changed since I started to listen to Jesus Christ

3 years ago

Servant James from discusses how his life plans have changed since he started to listen to Jesus Christ.
These videos' have opinions made from Servant James and derived from his relationship with the Lord God Almighty Jesus Christ.
Servant James believes he has been hearing the voice of Jesus Christ speak to him for more than twenty years.
The sheep Hear website where Servant James writes words that the Lord Jesus Christ gives him has been in existence since March of 2014.
Servant James believes that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead, is alive right now, and speaks to him every day.
His belief is he has been writing the words of Jesus Christ since July 2019.
The ministry of servant James is to encourage people to listen to Jesus Christ every day.
We have fun making every episode of these videos.
All of the Servant James Listening to Jesus video episodes have no written script.
Servant James receives a set of questions a few minutes before video production for his meditation with the Holy Spirit.
With his connection to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, Servant James responds to questions that have been asked by his readers.
One reason why Jesus Christ asked Servant James to perform in video format is to increase the Holy Spirit's dynamic reach into more people's lives.
As a viewer of these videos, we ask you to have the faith that Jesus Christ is alive and reaching into your life like the people you read about in the Holy Bible.
You can visit the website to stay current with what Jesus Christ says to Servant James every day.
These books come from the Sheep Hear website.
Servant James Listening To Jesus Volume 1 April to September 2014: Listening to the voice of Jesus Christ each day.
Servant James Listening To Jesus Volume 2 October to December 2014: Listening to the voice of Jesus Christ every day.

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