Live Clean Drug Free - Quit Using Drugs & Alcohol as a Crutch!

Published December 11, 2020 9 Views

Rumble Start to Live Clean Drug Free! I was spending some time out at Tempe Beach Park ready to record a video about human connection when this person walked up to me looking for a rehab address. I decided to change the topic and start speaking about living a cleaner lifestyle free of drugs and alcohol. The quicker you quit using these things in your life the quicker you will have more energy to focus on the important things that will have much more meaning and give you a higher sense of happiness and gratitude for your existence.

Please make a bold decision today to realize a new path for yourself that will take you on a journey of freedom. Raise your mind from the grave and see the brilliant light that you are inside! Now is the time for your metamorphosis as you shed the darkness from your body and open up that portal to higher creation of your divine life!

The Drugs and Alcohol are spiritually draining your thoughts and physical energy keeping you from making a life and a dream that is truly worth living. You must have Willpower, Self Discipline, Determination & Strength to say NO to Drugs & Alcohol and YES to Living a Life Pure!

It's up to you, nobody is going to help you. It's your decision, not theirs. You must make the choice to change your life, people can only aid you so far, you must go all the way!

Please make the Choice Today!