Why "the US" Dollar Must Die--- Or.... December 11, 2020 By Anna Von Reitz

Published December 11, 2020 125 Views

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Why "the US" Dollar Must Die--- Or.... December 11, 2020 By Anna Von Reitz

Quite simply, the "dollar" fronted by "the US" ---- meaning the Municipal Government of Washington, DC, has been deliberately counterfeited offshore by the Obama Administration, and the resulting "dollars" printed in places like Thailand and Yemen and Shanghai have been used not only to pay off the Chinese, but to pay off all sorts of Municipal Government traitors and colluders, as well.

To stop the Chinese ability to merely print "dollars" using our purloined printing presses and engraving plates, and to keep them and their communist allies from using these "US dollars" to buy off politicians and other pawns, the US Dollar known as the USD has got to go away.

The rest of the world leadership has to be properly informed and the Kennedy Dollars released based on the gold and silver belonging to the actual Federation of States, The United States of America. The quicker this is done, and the faster the purloined printing presses are shut down, the better.

Barack Obama and his Administration is responsible for this situation, along with the corrupt CIA. And if anyone is still wondering why Obama stayed in Washington, DC, after his term was up? It's the only place that Anti-Christ can be, without being arrested.

The Municipal Government, in case this is not abundantly clear, is part of "the UN" and "the UN" is nothing but a giant corporation composed of incorporated commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services. This is the structure that the Popes have been building in secret via the Municipal Government of the City of Rome and their position as Roman Pontiff for the past two centuries.

The plan was to use legality to overcome Law. They would convert all lawful governments into legal governmental services corporations, get these for-profit business entities to join an organization called "The United Nations" and at the same time, enfranchise them as "voting members" of the UN CORPORATION.

Link to referenced article: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/pope-joins-with-global-companies-to-promote-capitalism-in-line-with-uns-pro-abortion-goals

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