Housekeeping Training - How to Manage Quality Control

Published December 11, 2020 24 Views

Rumble You will be informed and yes, entertained by this straight talk from an Executive Housekeeper with years of 4 and 5 Star Hotels and Resorts~!

The Hospitality Industry is a “Type of Entertainment” and a “Form of Show business”…..One of the most fulfilling industries to work in~!

If you are overwhelmed in your department, things are out of hand, can never catch up? This is because you try to fix everything at once and this is never possible.

To "Control Quality" requires patience and diligence~!

Fix ONE THING AT A TIME and eradicate your department of the problems that plague you~!

"Quality Control" begins at the morning stand up meeting in your department, with all employees present.

This Video details the process it takes to get a handle on your most common clean and cleaning issues~!