Starseeds Past, Present and Future

Published December 11, 2020 386 Views $0.29 earned

Rumble Hi everybody, this reading is for you if you feel like you belong to another place in the universe and your soul knows that you have a unique path to follow here on Earth! You are or might be right now in search for your divine path and don´t know yet which way to go or how to go about it. You can feel it in your heart, soul and entire being that you are called to do more here on Earth. You feel unique, your soul is wise and you have grown spiritually in your past lives and now you feel the need to express and share your wisdom with the rest of us.This reading is timeless and if you stumble upon a few months from now that means, that you found it at the time you need it most! I hope that I was of help with this reading and I am welcoming you to the Starseed team! LOVE AND LIGHT!
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