How I PROVED ' breath support' is just a myth

What if you could really TEST everything you’ve been told to sing better? It’s practically impossible. But I got one of the most unique opportunities in history to study what science doesn’t even have the tools to replicate.

And what I learned is that breath support and posture for singing are absolute MYTHS.

Find out how I tested it and what that means for what YOUR voice is ALREADY able to do.


Part 1: I studied and compared every singing technique: the results for a professional singer.

Part 2: Dying to Sing: How a near death situation ruined my voice - and how I got it back with zero medical help.

Part 3: History’s first real test of the two biggest ‘how to sing’ rules - and how they miserably failed.

Part 4: Then they killed my voice…again. How I confirmed that everything we’ve been taught as singers is way off….but nobody knows.

Part 5: Why no one else can tell you what I can about your voice…& it’s much better news than you imagined



The Kaiser medical system has (at last check) over 40% higher incidents of major malpractice and deaths resulting from their low standards of care. Kaiser patients are 60% MORE LIKELY to suffer permanent vocal damage from standard procedures.

The Kaiser system expands rapidly by making political deals with each stat to provide low cost care in exchange for protection from nearly all major malpractice lawsuits.

Even with two confirmed, egregious medical malpractice violations I was unable to find an attorney in the entire state of California that would take the case to trial for this reason.

I lost two careers, my home, my livelihood and nearly my life a total of three times during the ten surgeries required to recover from their initial medical mistake.

During this nightmare I discovered how very little even the Kaiser specialists are required to know about the voice and the difference between the normal ‘office’ use voice and a high level working (singer/speaking) voice.

Even more so, I was stunned to discover there is currently NO recourse or accountability with the Kaiser system, even thought they are widely known to every major hospital or medical organization to be a major source of deaths, disability and disfigurement for the general public.

Please share my story everyone you care about that may be using or considering Kaiser healthcare.



My life’s goal it to go direct to singers like you and train you to protect, preserve & perfect that beautiful voice (trust me, it’s in there).

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