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Rumble I use to have thousands of followers when I kept my mouth shut on matters that are most important to me in the name of “keeping my business safe” by separating it from my politics and personal beliefs considering I work in one of the most liberal industries in the world. Then in 2015 for speaking my truth out loud on social media platforms, I was slowly deplatformed… devastating my revenue and income given that no one would see my work/posts no matter how much money I would spend on advertising. Going from thousands of followers to a measly 207, yet over 1500 friends (4000 at the time). So I slow walked voicing my personal beliefs/views after that thinking I would be rewarded for keeping it to myself and that my business would go back to normal. Nope, it hasn’t, nothings been the same since.

The caption title saying “Democrats” is not speaking to ALL Democrat voters because I know there are a lot of genuinely good people with morals who still vote democrat, for the life of me I don’t understand why, but, that’s their choice. The title is speaking to the most radical and hypocritical leaders and followers in the game. Before I go on I will also say that there are A LOT of corrupt Republicans rhinos as well, they’re in bed together. But I can guarantee you this, Republicans may not be the solution to all of your problems, but I can guarantee you that Democrats are the cause to all of your problems. I have met a lot of great people who are genuinely good hearted that are on the left side of politics, and I’d give the shirt off my back to them even to this day, we just don’t agree on our politics. And that’s 100% fine by me, I can set aside my personal disagreements with genuinely good people and continue a relationship with them while not judging their points of view because I’m a conservative. You don’t have to believe the same things I do, I have always stood up for those who don’t voice the same opinion as me and I will always continue to do so because they have the God given right to stand for whatever they believe in. And if their rights can be taken, than so can mine and vice versa.

With that said, given that I work in the film industry I am absolutely disgusted with the amount of people in Hollywood who have raised over 25 million dollars to bail out members of antifa and rioters who have caused more destruction and devastation to families, business owners, and innocent people than that stupid virus scare ever could have. Murdering, physically attacking, looting, arson, this is unacceptable. In the United States we have a God given right to PEACEFULLY assemble and protest our government, we the right to free speech, we have the right to pursuit happiness… But we don’t have the right to riot, burn businesses/buildings/and city blocks down, steal peoples hard earned possessions and businesses that they’ve spent decades saving for and building, murdering and assaulting of innocent people just because they can in the name of something that’s happened in the country. You have no rights if you have no order, no consequences. There are consequence for actions. You have Democrat mayors and governors all across the country such as Bill Deblasio in NYC REFUSING to call in the National Guard for assistance to regain order as the city burns to the ground. Billions in property damage. Just 3 weeks ago actual peaceful protestors that were tired of the lockdown orders were being arrested for exercising their constitutional rights to go to church, the park, etc, yet now the very same Democrat leaders are urging rioters by calling them “protestors” to continue forward with protesting.

Now I recognize there are genuine peaceful protestors out there that are just as pissed off as I am because their movement is being high-jacked by a select few jackass authoritarians, but this shit has to stop. In this campaign video Bane is representing most Democrat elected officials and the mass majority of the mainstream media as most of them are so radical now that they don’t even know what America is anymore. Wording bills nicely one minute, then once they convince everyone it’s a good idea they show you their true agenda by driving over the cliff.

I know this post will probably piss a lot of people off, but I’ve gotten to the point now that I really don’t care. I have the ability to be friends with someone even if we don’t agree on everything. I have the ability to still care for people even if they have a different view than I. I have the ability to see through someone’s beliefs and still want to help them meet their goals. Working in the film industry all of these years, I have absolutely had it with these sons of bitches preaching morality to all of you and me, when people like me are the ones that make people like them look good on screen. With that said, if you’re gonna take a shit, at least stand by your shit. If you’re gonna believe in something, at least stand behind what you believe in. Don’t let fear, or be pressured, or worry that someone won’t like you anymore or that the industry that you work in won’t hire you anymore if you voice a different opinion than them. I’ve been doing this for years, and you know what it’s gotten me? ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE! I don’t care what you believe in or what you stand for, just stand for it, and I will stand beside you. This campaign video is the result of one pissed the hell off conservative that’s stayed majoritively silent and has worked on many film projects but has decided to take one of hollywoods most prized productions to display their true agenda. Watch it all the way through, you will see the message. "Do as we say, not as we do"

Signing Off – Matthew Scarboro | Visual Effects Compositor

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