Housekeeping Training - How to Manage a Deep Clean Program

Published December 10, 2020 23 Views

Rumble “The Executive Housekeeper 101”~!

"How to Manage a Deep Clean Program"

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A perfect message for anyone who is new as an Executive Housekeeper

You will be informed and yes, entertained by this straight talk from an Executive Housekeeper with years of 4 and 5 Star Hotels and Resorts~!

The Hospitality Industry is a “Type of Entertainment” and a “Form of Show business”…..One of the most fulfilling industries to work in~!

To "Control Quality" requires patience and diligence~!

Fix ONE THING AT A TIME and eradicate your department of the problems that plague you~!

A "Deep Cleaning Program" happens every day...!!! here is how and what to do!

If it isn't simple it isn't solved~!