Church Street Station Marketing Video

Published December 10, 2020 11 Views

Rumble Church Street Station WAS an entertainment hot spot in Downtown Orlando located on Church Street between Garland and the train tracks for almost 30 years. It closed many years ago. It was the most amazing place in the world.

This is a promo video created and sent to travel agents and tour directors across the United States and the world. Scenes from every music room is included: Rosie O'Grady's, Cheyenne Saloon, Orchid Garden Ballroom, Phineas Phoggs, Lili Marlene's, Apple Annies.

RELIVE THE GOOD OLD DAYS with images of Rock n Soul, Can Can Girls, Miss Ruth Crews, Donna Lamoureaux, and more.

For more info - photos - audio files on Church Street Station SEARCH the local history site Orlando Memory dot info for "Church Street Station", "Rosie O'Grady's Good Time Jazz Band" and "Red Hot Mama". You'll be glad you did!!!