Trump Speech: Declaration of Voter Integrity; Will Trump Declare Martial Law? | Beyond The Noise

Published December 10, 2020 150 Views

Rumble In today's video, we are breaking down AG Barr's comment about widespread voter fraud. Could he possibly have some other hidden intentions? The wildcard that is now AG Barr along with the DOJ, will it benefit Trump or not? That is a long term question to be answered.

President Trump released an address to the nation that contained his conviction to handle the voter integrity issue across the nation.

Nevada had a vote for cash issue that was found out by the EpochTimes recently. People from American Indian reserves were seen entering raffles and draws for voting. We also analyze whether or not Trump would potentially enact martial law to gain control of the situation involving voter fraud, what would be the necessary process before it gets to the point.

0:00 - Intro
1:10 - AG Barr Statement
10:17 - Trump Public Address
17:10 - Nevada Vote Buying
20:17 - Trump Declare Martial Law?
25:32 - Closing

All that and more on Beyond The Noise with David Zhang.

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