The SETUP - Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, BIDEN DHS Docs list "Right Wing" as terrorists

3 years ago

Election Fraud, Dominion Voting Systems, Communist infiltration and big tech propaganda machine... this case truly is "Biblical" ... it is Battle of Armageddon big. It has been GENERATIONS in the making: Ruby Ridge, Waco seige, Oklahoma City Bombing... all creating the narrative we see today, the narrative that WE THE PEOPLE on the right wing are all potential terrorists that must be arrested. This is Nazi Germany style propaganda, like the burning of the Reichstag to begin rounding people up in concentration camps. Time to WAKE UP and STAND UP!

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PDF of the full unclassified DHS document
FOX IS DONE. by Liberal Hivemind
Huge DDoS Cyber Attack STUNS YouTube by Mr. Obvious
DOMINION SYSTEMS Everything We Know by StevenCrowder

(Everything I say on my vlog/podcast is obviously just my opinion and would be considered "alleged" for legal purposes ;)

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