Freedom An Inalienable Right

Published December 10, 2020 975 Views

Rumble We were created, designed to be free. Freedom was engrained in us by our God deep within our Human DNA. In times such as these, freedom is a fragile thing. We in the United States are so close to losing our freedom. We need be grateful for our freedom of choice, the designing of God, the giving us free will choice. We are free, every people and every nation. Don’t let anyone take away your freedom. Rise up and say NO! In America, freedom is the power of the American Spirit, that no man has been able to hold down. No matter how dark the day is at hand, the American Spirit has risen up and will rise up to win the day. We are free, we are free indeed. Let’s arise and stand together to preserve the heritage of our liberty and justice for all. Freedom Is God Given And Our Inalienable Right, Wherever We Live, Laugh And Love.

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