Metal Queens 🧝 | SSD THE ELF EMBRACE 2020 [ EDITED VERSION ] Star Stable Quinn Ponylord

Published December 10, 2020 33 Views

Rumble Hello & Welcome to My Rumble!

I enjoy making Star Stable videos like: dressage guides, how to's, training times, & just SSO stuff in general. I hope you have a fun time watching my videos!

Bonjour guys! Metal Queens entered the Star Stable Dressage competition "The Elf Embrace!" I'm so proud of my Queens, they did wonderful! This is the EDITED version!

Our routine is based around elves delivering gifts all around the world. The Queens aka elves, split away from each other in groups, then merged back to the sleigh. At the end of the routine, we did Rider Dressage. The elves are celebrating and dancing, since they're finally done delivering gifts! For this competition we tried to take all of the judges tips and tricks. Ex: Using other horse colors, cantering using more of the arena, creating unique shaped moves, and alignment. We had such a great time! We hope you enjoy it!

♛ Frequently Asked Questions ♛
↠ Character name: Quinn Ponylord
↠ Server: Hazy Galaxy
↠ Level: 20
↠ Club: (Owner) Metal Queens
↠ Dressage Level: Elite
↠ How can I join your club? I announce on my Instagram stories when applications are open. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @QuinnPonylord (which is also the official Metal Queens Instagram!)

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