2 years ago

The Uncovering of Election Fraud Press Conference

The Uncovering of Election Fraud Press Conference

Phill Kline nad the Amistad. project host a press conference outlining some of the evidence they have uncovered in regards to elections fraud from the 2020 election and thousands of unaccounted and missing ballots.

"They put the wrong man on the truck," Phil says, "they did not count on an honest man" driving the truck.

The Amistad protect brought forward 3 other key witnesses including Ethan Peese who has been interviewed and featured on our channel before.

We know there were other media stations covering this story and we are grateful for their coverage, however, Got Freedom has had the opportunity and the privilege to get an in-depth understanding of the fraud taking place within our country due to Phill and his team.

We hope you will subscribe and join us awe uncover the truth of election fraud together and stand up to protect the American voice.

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