THE DEPLORABLE REPORT: Could the COVID-19 Virus have been Engineered?

Rumble It would certainly seem so given the evidence uncovered in this explosive breaking news brought to you by “The Deplorable Report”. Not just that, following the money might just mean going all the way to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s baby at the NIAID. Was our funding of the Wuhan Institute’s SARS bat research even legal? Was the virus man-made? Find out the answers here.
Join me, Cathi Chamberlain, aka "The Deplorable Author", as I continue hosting the news for "The Deplorable Report". My book, "Rules for Deplorables: A Primer for Fighting Radical Socialism" follows the news with a twist: thru the lens of a Saul Alinsky tactic. Now that COVID-19 has side-railed my statewide "Florida Deplorable Book Tour", this is my attempt to keep the book's message alive. Learn about Saul Alinsky's 13 tactics to transform our country to socialism and what we must do to fight back. Do not miss one episode of this explosive new series: "Avenging fake news with fact-based truth." More podcasts like this are available at You can find timely blogs there, as well, including the one corresponding with this (“Shining a Light on Labs is a Pandemic’s Best Disinfectant”) podcast where you’ll get more detail and sources. 4-22-2020

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