Governments Officials Not wearing Masks

Published December 9, 2020 250 Views

Governments Officials Not wearing Masks

You can smoke pot in the state of Michigan but you can't cut it. A lot of confusing leadership from Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The governor of Michigan shaming people for not wearing masks, and for congregating yet she is found congregating with BLM leaders for protests. The people in Michigan are being forces to shut down their businesses, churches, and schools yet the governor's husband is asking for special favors to take his boat out of the water.

Nancy Pelosi telling officials they must wear a mask at all times. She says people can not go to hair salons in the city of San Francisco yet she is caught on camera going to one.

Governor Newsom says all restaurants and churches must shut down, yet he going to fancy restaurants with friends, not wearing a mask.

CNN Chris Cuomo passionately telling us to "put on your damn mask" yet he is walking around his apartment without a mask. Is this a man who practices what he preaches?

Dermorecrates time and time again have shown they are not afraid of Covid through their actions, yet they expect us to abide by the rules they set for us all the while not living under the rules themselves. Are these the leaders we Ameican's can deserve?

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