Election Update: Media Lying, Trump Will Win Re-Election- Here's The Real News

Published December 9, 2020 134 Views

Rumble 7 States still up for grabs with an additional state likely called prematurely by a mainstream media network.

Fox News called the State of Arizona early last night in favor of Joe Biden but the data and inside sources tell us that this State will likely go to President Trump.

According to the New York Times, an error in Edison Research’s data feed of results was made, with the actual estimate of 86% of the vote has been counted, with President Trump projected to keep pulling votes on a 2 to 1 ratio on remaining votes.

This state was just really called too early for Biden. Fox News is set to be a laughing stock of mainstream media outlets for this irresponsible call, and further evidence of its inside corruption and left-leaning tendencies.

Fox News is currently reporting that Biden is winning in Nevada, Wisconsin, and Michigan…with President Trump leading in the rest. But that’s not entirely accurate. Our inside sources close to the President’s team tell us that in Michigan, Biden is currently leading within 1% of the vote, which is recount territory.

And get this…it was also reported that as of this writing Wisconsin currently has about 3.23 million ballots cast, but only 3.1 million registered voters. And Biden’s quote “lead” in that state is only by about 20,000 votes. So WHAT is happening there? Still think the whole “mail in ballot fraud” is a conspiracy theory?

Our sources also stated that in Michigan, outlying GOP counties still need to be counted, and the President’s team is confident in a pathway to victory that includes Michigan.

In Pennsylvania, our sources tell us that 5 big pro-Trump counties still have ballots to count. And the team’s math adds up to a 40,000 vote win for Trump---EVEN IF Biden gets 95% of outstanding ballots in Philadelphia.
Nevada may be another state that Fox News Prematurely set aside for Biden. Our source tells us that late-breaking mail gets Trump a win by a margin of 5,500.

The source also said that the President holds a healthy lead in Georgia that they will maintain, And the same with North Carolina.