Fiorella Giordano: Watch What God Does in February!

Published December 9, 2020 65 Views

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Note From Steve Shultz:
I am excited to introduce to our readers and viewers, Fiorella.

While she is relatively young she is walking in a high level of prophetic anointing. During our interview, she began to prophesy about things God was going to be doing for all his people, beginning in the month of February… but most specifically, about the 3rd week of February and going forward.

DON’T MISS THIS.. You will be encouraged! I sure was!

Be sure to watch the entire interview so you don’t miss anything. “Fi” will be talking to us about the “Courts of Heaven” which is an incredibly hot topic right now in the Body of Christ. Beyond that, Fiorella will be talking to you about your destiny and how God is going to restore it to you, even if you’ve been “shut down” by the enemy. God will not be mocked. What HE Promised for you and for your generation WILL COME TO YOU!