Gospel Paper Tear

Published December 9, 2020 19 Views

Rumble Demonstrating a gospel paper tear, a very effective gospel presentation for children and teenagers


This is a simple magic trick, that seems more like origami than magic, that makes a simple, yet effective, presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The heart of the presentation is the story that accompanies the paper tear, although you're free to come up with your own. In this version of the Gospel paper tear, I tell the story of a man who has a dream while sleeping -- he dreams that he has died, and is walking toward the gates of Heaven. He is nervous, because he knows that he's not fit for God's presence, but can't help but walking toward the gates. Beside him walks his neighbor, who has also apparently died. Unlike himself, his neighbor is a believer in Jesus Christ -- and his neighbor is carrying a large ticket, that reads "The bearer is granted access to Heaven by virtue of the shed blood of Jesus Christ." The man imposes on his neighbor to share his ticket, and after much time, the neighbor finally consents. The neighbor folds and tears the paper into two sections - one with many pieces. The dreaming man grabs the many pieces and races ahead to the gate, thinking that "the person with the most wins!" When he arrives, St. Peter looks at him sadly -- the neighbor approaches and unfolds the single piece of paper he was left with into the shape of a large cross. St. Peter unfolds the other pieces, and arranges them to spell the word "Hell" -- at which point the dreaming man wakes up, terrified.