Five Steps To Steal An Election

Published December 9, 2020 11 Views

Five Steps To Steal An Election

There has been a lot of talk about election fraud. Whether itis the discussion of the watermarked ballots, fraudulent signatures, or the manipulation of the election through Venezuela or Cuba.

No matter what side of the election you stand on it is important to have a fair and honest one. Wouldnt you agree?

In order to honor our electoral process, we must ask serious and honest questions to ensure fraud hasn’t taken place. Because the truth is election fraud did take place, and better yet we at Got Freedom lead by Phil Kline and his team, know how it was done.

The first question we must ask ourselves, how does election fraud happen? To do this we must first realize when someone attempts to commit a crime there are two factors involved, the cover-up and the actual act of the crime itself. To better explain how election fraud took place in the 2020 election our legal team has broken the process into 5 key statements.

The first is you can’t count what you cant see. This is about evasion, when someone commits a crime they do whatever they can to cover it up. Again the act itself and then the cation to cover up. This was done through a consistent action to keep republican poll watchers out of the polling places. Windows being boarded up and even police pushing poll watchers away, hence taking away from us the American people being able to validate this 2020 election. This act was widespread across Democrat strong strongholds in swing states.

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