The Trump Prophecies

Published December 9, 2020 354 Views


Comments on the book, “The Trump Prophecies” by Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert who were instrumental in gathering a great host of evangelical Christians to pray for the 2016 candidacy of Donald J. Trump.

Let’s fact check them:

1) They declared, worked with others and prayed Mr. Trump would become President, and so he did.

2) They said the U.S. & Israel would become energy independent, and so they have.

3) They said U.S. would become the largest energy producer in the world and so it has.

4) They said Mr. Trump would have the responsibility of appointing 5 Supreme Court Justices—two down, three to go. It will take a 2nd term for Mr. Trump to fulfill the whole of this responsibility.

5) They spoke of a tremendous “cleansing” of this country. Much of what is going on at this moment in “straightening out” the balloting process will pave the way for the “cleansing” that must come.

All this should be encouraging as we look to the prophets and become sharper in our discerning and determining what is and what is not of God. This is what we’re seeking to do on this channel and we hope, in the process, to be an encouragement to you. Your subscribing to this channel will also be an encouragement to us.


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