#Back Yard Birds Hawai’i our Favorite feathered buddies

Published December 8, 2020 38 Views

Rumble A taste of some of our favs all getting a last meal before bedtime it turns out our Saffron Finch’s have babies I was wondering why they were wanting the seed bowls every 15 minutes lately. These birds call us for the seed bowls well most of them do 1 Northern Cardinal Female just looks at us thru the screen door and goes from the gable to an arm on a chair she has a distinct personality and just doesn’t verbalize much on the other hand a different Northern Cardinal I’ve named Chirpy Girl can’t keep her beak shut she’s super vocal all of these birds have very distinct personalities and since they are all our Back Yard birds we get to see this daily and they are eating approximately 5 feet from where I’m typically sitting so much fun

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