What's Wrong With Being Dead?!

Published December 8, 2020 77 Views

Rumble I’m still reporting on the coup.
I hate to bring this up, but the Republicans may be about to implement their own version of voter suppression via legislation.
And it’s really sad to see the Grand Ole Party sink to such levels, because the demographic they want to suppress is the least likely to be able to lobby the halls of Congress in their own defense.
The latest voter suppression effort by the Republicans has now been introduced in the House. It is clearly an effort to suppress voters who have been consistently voting the straight Democratic Party ticket, some for decades or even eons.
Virtually no Republicans would lose the right to vote under this proposal, it is aimed only at Democrats.
The Bill introduced by Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) is titled “You Must Be Alive To Vote Act”.
It is well known that while Republicans stop voting when they die, the Democrats help loyal members of their party to continue to vote sometimes for decades after they have allegedly lost that right through no fault of their own.
Banning the cemetery vote, will hurt Democratic candidates across the nation and from the top to the bottom of the ticket.
One could argue that although it isn’t explicitly stated in the Constitution that by dying Democrats don’t lose their right to vote that it has been firmly established by long standing tradition.
What would this great nation be without longstanding traditions?
These are legally registered voters who are only prevented from voting in person because of their inability to travel to the polls because of their physical condition. It appears this Act may violate the ADA, since death is a physical disability that prevents these people from voting.
By the same token, they are unable to apply for and fill out an absentee ballot because of their current physical condition. So if others, or to be more specific, if the Democratic Party is not allowed to apply for absentee ballots and fill them in for these people they are being denied the God given right to vote simply because of their physical condition, the condition of not being alive.
Babin now wants to take away this right to vote from all Democrats who share the condition of not being alive on election day.
Fortunately, the Democrats have a slim majority in the House, and many of these Democratic Representatives have been depending on the cemetery vote to get reelected term after term, so it is unlikely that this bill restricting the privilege of voting to living, breathing human beings will pass.
But, if the Republicans ever gain control of the House, a bill like this could disenfranchise millions of Democratic voters.

I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.

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